Inventory of Behaviours at blipblipblip

(Addison & Kidd) East Street Arts, Leeds, UK (2017)

Arising from a curiosity about the habits of artists, The Inventory of Behaviours is an ongoing collaborative project comprised of multiple parts; through a collection of artists’ responses to a callout and the subsequent staged participatory events that bring their rituals and habits in to sharp focus, we propose that the ordinary behaviours of artists may have much to tell us about how art is made and learning is experienced:

At blipblipblip, a two-week participatory performance event was designed to explore the daily routines and otherwise un-accounted for activities of internationally acclaimed, early career and student artists. Instructions are enacted by undergraduate Fine Art students from 6 UK courses culminating in an exhibition. Supported by Kingston University, Bath Spa University.

Inventory of Behaviours instruction: bubble wrap
Inventory of Behaviours - sort things instruction
Inventory of Behaviours - sort things enactment