No Working Title at Tate Exchange

(Addison & Kidd) Tate Modern, London, UK (2018)

Drawing on a history of instructional practice in art and in teaching and learning, No Working Title (2009-2016) provoked dialogue / exchange between student artists, academics and curators, in which participants exchanged instructions for making artworks. Throughout eight consecutive years a total of just over two hundred and fifty students from a total of ten UK art schools exchanged instructions for making artworks and met to discuss their findings. With thanks to Camden Arts Centre and Tate for hosting events.

In its final iteration No Working Title was manifested as a large scale co-operative performance event, drawing sixteen hundred visitors.  Textual and audio calls to action activated public participation and the work and dialogue of undergraduate fine art students was scrutinised by guests for evidence of the process learning.

No Working Title at Tate Exchange - timetable
No Working Title at Tate Exchange - Anna tea
No Working Title at Tate Exchange - mutter